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It's funny where names come from...

But it's a good example of what we do.


As our team fact-checked the documentary series,

Harry & Meghan, Harry raised the question: Are avocados a fruit?  And we found our name.

In doing our due diligence and some team debate, Meghan was right. Avocados are fruit. And we found our name.

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– Documentary, "Harry & Meghan" series,
Episode 4

Fact-Checkinkg of the series

by Avocados Are Fruit


We are a team of experienced investigative journalists, criminal and war investigators, and filmmakers.

And we take our work very seriously. With our combined expertise, we have supported as well as produced some of the most impactful and thought-provoking documentaries airing on global platforms. Our passion for storytelling, supporting filmmakers and streamers, and a commitment to our partners's success sets us apart.

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Amy Herdy

Partner, VP of Projects

An award-winning documentary film producer and journalist whose work has shaped American politics and culture.

image 16.png

Cali Bagby

Partner, Project Manager

An investigative reporter with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

image 21.png

Rich Denmark

Partner, Technology Director

Two decades in film and tech production, with a passion for saving the oceans.

image 14.png

Jim Moscou

Partner, Managing Director

A seasoned and award-winning executive, journalist, and serial entrepreneur. 

image 19.png

Noel Engels

Partner, Project Manager

Four tours in Afghanistan, one in Iraq, and multiple roles with DoD and Homeland Security All focused on criminal investigations and finding the truth.

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